Additional commercial support

As well as our legal helpline, further support is now available for Members who are concerned about legal and contractual issues caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Put together in conjunction with a number of industry experts, the service involves an initial consultation which is free for all Members up to 20 minutes. Assistance will cover the following issues:

  • Delays in the completion of ongoing contracts
  • Cancellation of projects
  • Difficulties in making or receiving payments
  • Issues with the supply and delivery of goods
  • Suspension of contracts
  • Formal extension of time and loss and expense notices.

All enquiries should be directed to Len Bunton, who can be contacted on 07769 670 089 or 01786 880 751, or by email at [email protected]. Please copy any email communications to [email protected] so we can track Member issues.

As this is a very fast-moving and confusing situation, the nature of the advice might change on a day-to-day basis. Our advice is therefore to carefully consider the consequences of this crisis for all on-going contracts, especially larger, commercial ones, and possibly write formal delay/extension of time letters now.

Remember, as a SELECT Member, you also have access to a legal helpline, 0141 303 1111, provided via MacRoberts, who can provide specialist legal advice in the fields of commercial contracts. Twenty minutes of advice is provided free of charge.

Please also remember that, as the situation is changing rapidly, we’re adding information on a regular basis to our website and will also be using our social media channels to get the information out as widely as possible. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn if you haven’t already done so.