A message to all Members from MD Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson the Managing Director of SELECT would like to give the below message to all our Members.

While we are aware that you are likely to be reading and receiving a large number of messages on the subject of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, we wanted to update you on the preparations SELECT is taking for the potential implications it may have on our services.

The good news is that we have well-developed contingency plans that we are now putting into place. Our office is still very much open, although our system allows working from home without interruption, so please be reassured that we can still manage your inquiries.

We appreciate that you may have many questions about how this crisis may affect your business and we have already made some information available via our website – see our dedicated COVID-19 page for details that will be updated daily.

As the situation is changing rapidly, we are adding information on a regular basis and we will also be using our social media channels to get the information out as widely as possible. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn if you haven’t already done so.

From today, all SELECT training courses and face-to-face Member visits will be suspended. No technical assessments or Member visits will be undertaken. This position will be reviewed on a regular basis. Anyone booked on a course will have the option of a full refund if they request it. Please speak to our Training team on 0131 445 5577 if you need any help.

We do not currently foresee any impact on the continuity of our service, but should the situation change we will notify you immediately. Although we believe the actions we have put in place are appropriate for the current levels of risk, they are in constant review.

We will be in contact via email and in further statements as the situation evolves. Thank you for your cooperation,

Alan Wilson, Managing Director, SELECT

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