SELECT reaches out to wider social media sphere with introduction of new Facebook page

SELECT has widened its social media reach and strengthening its communications strategy with the introduction of a new Facebook page.

The new page, will provide a great platform to interact with Facebook users.

SELECT already has a strong presence and following on social media platforms such as Twitter and posts a huge variety of relevant information in video form on YouTube. Facebook will complement and enhance these activities.

Demi Armstrong, SELECT’s , Events, Marketing & Website Coordinator said: “Creating a Facebook page is an important decision for any organisation, as it is the most popular and widely used social networking platform in the world, with some two billion active profiles.

“The new page will help us to continue to develop our relationships with our member companies, their employees, our suppliers and other Facebook users.

“It will allow us to react quickly to rapidly changing circumstances, share collective expertise, promote the interests of our members and engage with our stakeholders in a more proactive manner.”

Newell McGuiness, SELECT Managing Director, said: “This organisation has always been about communication, engagement and transparency and the new Facebook page will facilitate the extension of these aims.

“It will also increase our ability to, increase our web traffic, promote other forms of social media activity and monitor the performance of our posts.”


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