SELECT launches its first technical update video

SELECT has just launched the first in what will be a growing series of technical update videos. The first video, produced by our technical team follows on from feedback from our popular Toolbox Talks, which toured Scotland earlier this year.

The videos can be viewed at:

Introduction and Content

What is a Surge Protective Device?

Surge Protection to BS 7671:2008 (2015)

SPD Terminology

Selection and Erection of Surge Protective Devices

Future Developments of SPDs

SPD Full video

It’s just one example of how we’re trying to engage more with our Members across different platforms. The video, which focusses on surge protection, uses an engaging mix of live video, narration and diagrams, explains the dangers of surge protection and the measures that can be taken to protect a variety of installations.

SELECT’s Head of Technical Services, Dave Forrester said: “We want it to mirror this year’s Toolbox Talks where, instead of discussing surge protection devices, we focused more on surge protection itself. We talked about how it can affect electrical installations and what we can do to protect sensitive equipment connected to those installations. Things like IT equipment are particularly susceptible, even to indirect lightning strikes. Even turning equipment on and off can introduce spikes and voltage which can be harmful to sensitive equipment.

The video is designed to be viewed easily on phone, tablet and desktop – so advice will always be at hand whenever you need it. The video has been put together by one of our own technical advisors, Mark McLaughlin, so it’s easy to follow. He researched the subject, did the Toolbox Talks and developed the script.

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