Here you will find a list of letter templates that include redundancy procedures. The letters are featured as a download and as text in case you want to copy and paste them into your own template.

Redundancy Letter Templates
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At risk letter



To all XXXXXXXXX employed at:

(a) ______________________________________________________________Site

(b) ____________________________________________________________ Shop

A discussion/meeting has taken place on (date) between the Company and (a) representatives of the Union or (b) Company employee representatives regarding a foreseeable decline in the order book affecting the number of XXXXXXXXXXX required at the above mentioned (a) Site or (b) Shop in the immediate future.

The Company is currently considering a number of alternative measures in order to avoid a reduction in manning levels and any subsequent compulsory redundancies.

Further discussions/meetings will take place with (a) representatives of the Union (b) Company employee representatives to examine and review this serious situation.  (Delete if not applicable)

It is hoped that compulsory redundancies can be avoided.  However, you should consider this letter as an ‘at risk of redundancy notification’.

As necessary, Operatives will be selected for redundancy on the basis of specific selection criteria.  Please refer to the enclosed selection matrix.  You will be told of the score that you achieved following the application of these criteria.

If you are selected for redundancy, you will be sent a letter of confirmation inviting you to take part in a discussion to discuss your dismissal.

The company will endeavour to keep you informed of developments, but in the meantime if you wish to discuss matters further please contact [enter name].

Yours sincerely,

[For and on behalf of]

Inviting Operative to Consultation Meeting



Dear [Operative’s Name]

Following the discussion between [enter Company and (a) representative of the Union or (b) Company employee representatives] on [enter date] regarding the current redundancy situation, the workload has decreased to such an extent that we are compelled to consider Operatives for redundancy. Specifically, we plan to dismiss [enter details e.g. the total number of Operatives by grade and/or department or location].

As you are likely to be affected by the selection process, I am writing to invite you to a discussion on [date of meeting] at [time of meeting] which is to be held by telephone / videocall.  During this discussion we will discuss the selection criteria along with any possible alternatives to redundancy which have not yet been considered.

Please contact [enter name] to confirm your attendance, or if the date and time are not suitable, to arrange an alternative date for the meeting.

You have the right to invite a fellow worker or Union Representative to join you for this discussion.

Yours sincerely,

[For and on behalf of]

Confirming outcome



Dear [Operative’s Name]

Further to our recent discussion(s) regarding the need to reduce manning levels which took place on [enter date(s)], I am writing formally to confirm that you have been selected for redundancy and will leave the company’s employment on [enter date].

The selection of Operatives to be made redundant was based on the Company redundancy selection matrix, which has been shared and discussed with you, and the need for the Company to retain a balanced labour force.

[Choose one of the following four options]

  • Unfortunately, you have less than two qualifying years’ service with [Company] and therefore you are not entitled to statutory redundancy pay.
  • Or [You are entitled to [Enter number] weeks’ notice, commencing on [Enter date] and ending on [Enter leaving date]. While working your notice you are entitled to reasonable time off with pay to pursue your job search.  You will be required to show appointment details in order to get approval from your manager for time off].
  • Or [You are entitled to [Enter number] weeks’ notice, commencing on [Enter date]. We would like you to work during the first [Enter number] weeks of this notice and your date of termination of employment will therefore be [Enter date].  The balance of your notice will be paid in lieu.  While working your notice you are entitled to reasonable time off with pay to pursue your job search.  You will be required to show appointment details in order to get approval from your manager for time off].
  • Or [You are entitled to [Enter number] weeks’ notice which will be paid in lieu].
  • Or [You are currently on furlough, and as such you are not expected to work during your notice period while furloughed. Your are entitled to [Enter number] weeks’ notice, commencing on [Enter date].

Redundancy payment entitlement is as shown on the attached Confirmation of Entitlement schedule.

The money will be paid by cheque/credit transfer to your normal bank account on or shortly after your date of leaving.

You will also be entitled to any outstanding holiday pay, which is subject to normal deductions and will be paid through the payroll with your final salary payments.  The final payroll run may occur after you have left employment.  Your P45 and final salary advice will be posted to you as soon as possible afterwards.

[Delete the following if not applicable]

[As a member of the Company Pension Scheme, you will also receive details in due course of the options open to you.  This normally takes [Enter number] weeks from the date of leaving]. [As you are currently off sick I am obliged to issue you with a form SSP1 which you should present to the Department for Work and Pensions as soon as possible so that Sickness Benefits payments may be continued].

You are advised to register as unemployed at your local Job Centre the next weekday after your date of leaving if you have not started new employment at that time.  You may or may not qualify immediately for Jobseekers Allowance but may separately qualify for National Insurance credits.  These can be important for securing your State Pension benefits.

It is the company’s policy not to provide pre-written references to Operatives.  However, we will be pleased to respond quickly to a reference request made by any potential future employer provided that request is made on their letter-headed paper.

You have the right to appeal against the decision to dismiss you on the grounds of redundancy.  If you wish to appeal please do so in writing to [Enter name and contact details] by [Enter date].

I would like to thank you for the contribution you have made to the company and wish you every success in the future.

Yours sincerely,

[Signatory name]

Confirmation of Entitlements







Job Title  


Date of birth  


Date of Leaving  


Start date  


Number of completed years’ service at expected date of termination  


Number of weeks’ pay (capped at current statutory rate)  
Redundancy pay  


Sub Total  


Pay in Lieu of Notice  


Holiday Pay  


Grand Total  



If a weeks’ pay is not defined in the employees’ contract of employment, it is the average pay calculated over the 52 week period preceding the date of termination excluding any weeks not worked.

Invitation to Appeal Meeting



Dear [Enter name]

I am writing to confirm that I have received your written notification that you wish to appeal against the decision to dismiss you on the grounds of redundancy.

I should like to have a discussion with you therefore via telephone or videocall on [Enter date] at [Enter time].  The purpose of this discussion will be for you to provide me with full details of your appeal in order that I can gather all the relevant facts.

Present during this discussion will be [Enter name and position].  I should remind you that you may also invite an employee representative, fellow worker or an accredited trade union official to participate in the meeting.  Please inform me prior to the meeting who you intend to invite.

Yours sincerely,

[Signatory name]