SELECT Brand Promotion

Our 2011 SELECT Brand promotion campaign is just about to start.

We are repeating the adverts we used last year to maximize cost effectiveness and the content of the Ad which features the Scottish Government Certification Mark is still very relevant.

Once again we are using broadcast technology because this has the biggest impact and because, using this medium, we can reach all of Scotland – including the islands.

The basis of the campaign will be television ads across all of the STV area.  Last year we bought into a ‘filler’ facility which gives the facility to secure additional ads as vacancies arise – and we secured several prime time slots using this device.  We are extending this in 2011.

The areas not covered by STV (Borders and Dumfries and Galloway) will be covered by radio broadcasts on Radio Borders and West Sound.  This is because of the extreme cost-ineffective nature of the alternative – Tyne Tees television.  The broadcasts on Radio Borders and West Sound will be much more ‘dense’ than the TV ads.

Please note that these broadcast ads can only be effective for your business if you actively associate yourself with the SELECT logo by carrying it on vehicles, stationery and other promotional literature.
If you need electronic versions of the logo, please contact Heather Martin on 0131 445 5577.  If you need van stickers, these are available free of charge from Susan Humphries on the same number.

Television advertising will run from 18-30 August and includes slots in Midsomer Murders and Coronation Street.  The filler campaign will continue into September.

Radio Borders and West Sound will broadcast during the weeks commencing 15th August, 29th August and 12th September.

Please carry the SELECT Brand wherever possible to maximize the benefit these broadcasts can bring to your business

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