SELECT and BESCA collaborate on competence scheme

A new collaboration with the Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment (BESCA) will allow SELECT Members to apply for membership of its Competent Person Scheme (CPS).

SELECT has signed a recognition deed with the certification body to set out the terms in which electrical contractors who are SELECT Members can apply for the BESCA CPS.

This means Members carrying out controlled services work in England and Wales will be able self-certify that their works comply with the building regulations, without the need to notify Building Control in advance or incur costly local authority inspection fees.

SELECT Members will be subject to an exclusive application process involving an initial document and technical review by BESCA, which is part of the wider BESA Group. Members will also benefit from:

  • Reduced BESCA scheme fees
  • Fast track membership due to technical requirements of the scheme being met by SELECT’s technical competence assessment of the Member.

Head of Technical Services at SELECT, Dave Forrester, said: “This is a very welcome development for SELECT members that means they can continue to work across the UK.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with BESCA to ensure the standard of domestic electrical installation work remains high.”

BESCA’s Director of Certification, Rachel Davidson said: “We are delighted to finalise this collaboration. Both our organisations will reap the benefits of this great new partnership.

“More importantly, this benefits the industry as a whole. The Hackitt review called for greater proof of competence and compliance across the industry. Helping demonstrate the assessment and competence of SELECT Members joining the CPS scheme goes a long way towards achieving this.”

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