RECALL of Hager 10kA Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

We have been advised by Hager that during their internal quality control process a raw material non-conformity has been detected.

This raw material non-conformity could affect the correct functioning of the Hager 10kA MCB with references as indicated in the attached Appendix CPA sold between 7th July 2016 and today.

Based on their investigations, they have advised that the non-conformity could lead to a potential MCB malfunction which could cause fire or electrical shock danger.

For this reason, on the basis of the Precautionary Principle and user safety, they have made the decision to recall the Hager 10kA MCBs concerned.

Hager has asked, that with immediate effect installers:

  1. Immediately stop the Installation of Hager 10kA MCBs with the references indicated in on the attached Appendix CPA purchased between 7th July 2016 and today (6 October 2016).
  1. Identify any Distribution Boards where you have installed the references concerned.
  1. Make an inventory of the number of MCBs you have installed for each reference concerned.
  1. Without delay, replace any Hager 10kA MCB references concerned in Appendix CPA you may have installed. Also remove any of these references from your stock and either send them back directly to Hager or contact us and we will arrange a collection

Document and report back your costs (travel, checking & replacing, time & material) with evidence¬ using the report Appendix attached (CPB). All costs will be reimbursed in line with the Compensation Policy a copy of which is obtainable from the Recall Team.

If you need any further information, please contact Hager direct on Telephone:- 01952 675555 or email:-

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