Major Building Engineering Services Contractors Develop New Employment Framework

A number of the major building engineering services contractors have been working with the HVCA to develop a new employment framework for their mechanical, electrical and plumbing workforces.

They state their key aim is to achieve a greater integration and flexibility of their electrical, mechanical and plumbing workforces and so facilitate the “design-manufacture-install” approach to projects that is increasingly being demanded of them by many of their blue-chip construction clients.  The proposed new agreement will seek to employ operatives under one set of terms and conditions replacing the need for them to maintain multiple agreements such as the SJIB, JIB, H&V and Plumbing agreements.

The companies involved have recently informed their workforces on their vision for the future.  It is possible, therefore, that you may be approached by your own employees with requests for further information on the initiative.  If they do so please advise them that your business is not linked with this action.

Please also be reassured that the existing SJIB National Working Rules are unaffected by this initiative and we shall, of course, keep you fully updated on any further developments as they unfold.

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