All firms who apply to become a SELECT Member are required to submit an application fee of £300 (plus VAT) with their initial application. Please Note: No refund of the application fee will be made if SELECT have carried out a technical assessment or if the applicant subsequently decides not to pursue it further.

When a firm meets the Membership criteria, they will be issued with an invoice for the current subscription year on a pro-rata basis. Thereafter a Membership Subscription plus a levy on turnover as noted below will be paid on an annual basis from the 1st of January each year.

Turnover Levy 2018

Subject to a minimum turnover levy of £290 + VAT

0.2450% on first £500,000
0.13% on next £1,000,000
0.03% on next £5,000,000
0.15% on the remaining balance


The Membership rates, which are approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, are as follows:

Membership Subscription 2018

Member (with the right to nominate one Principal Representative) £290 + VAT
For each additional or Associate Representative £150 + VAT


Any firm with a turnover of less than £107,000 per annum are required to pay the minimum subscription as per the example below:

Subscription                                                           £290

Turnover levy @ 0.2450%                                      £290

£580 plus VAT  (£696 including 20% VAT)