Please phone our membership team on 0131 445 5577 to apply to become a Member of SELECT or if you would like more information about joining.

Alternatively you can email us on or submit an online enquiry.

Our Membership Representatives will also be available to guide you through the application process.

Apply to join


Your application for membership must be made using an official SELECT application for membership form, be signed by a Principal, Partner or Director of the applicant, who acts as the Authorised Signatory and returned to one of our Membership Representatives.

Click here for a ‘Quick guide to SELECT Membership application‘ (PDF) or read the ‘Your Gateway to SELECT Membership’ brochure.

Your application must be accompanied by:

  • your initial application fee;
  • the contact details of two suppliers, who we will contact for reference purposes;
  • evidence that you hold Public Liability Insurance cover* (£2m minimum) and a Certificate of Employers’ Liability where appropriate; and
  • a copy of a Certificate of Incorporation (Limited Companies only)



Once you have applied to become a SELECT Member, we:

  1. Allow a 28 day period, during which Members may comment on your application;
  2. Carry out a financial assessment on the references you provide;
  3. Check your public & employers liability insurance;
  4. Check the qualifications and training of the nominated qualified person


One of our UKAS Accredited Technical advisers will contact you to arrange to carry out a technical assessment of your business.


Admission to membership will be effective from the satisfactory completion of the above criteria. Successful applicants are required to pay the appropriate subscription and levy fee upon acceptance and shall be entitled to the full range of benefits provided by SELECT once their subscription payment has been made.

Applicants rejected shall have the right of appeal to the SELECT Registration Board.

Applicants rejected from membership at any stage after the initiation of the commercial and technical assessments shall forfeit their initial application fee.

SJIB Membership
Please note: SELECT member companies who hold accreditation for Electrical Installation are automatically considered for membership of the Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB).