SELECT maintains an Inspection Service to provide assistance to its Members, non-members and their clients. The aim of the service is to provide a means whereby, through inspection and report, any electrical or electrically related problem can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Technical Inspection Service

SELECT is accredited by UKAS, the organisation responsible for the competence of inspection bodies.

The service covers four distinct areas:

1. Conciliation Inspections

These inspections, which normally follow a customer complaint, are dealt with under SELECT Code of Practice and, where justified, will not attract any charge. If on the other hand SELECT finds that a complaint is not justified then a charge will be made to the customer. However, if SELECT finds in favour of a customer then Member firms may be subject to charges.

2. Inspections on Request

SELECT, on written request, will inspect and report on the condition of installations, including any recent additions and/or alterations to installations. This inspection will be conducted in relation to current relevant regulations and, if required, an approximate valuation of work done can be provided. A charge will be made for these services.

Types of inspection available are:

  • A full inspection and report in accordance with the current edition of BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations (IET Wiring Regulations) and/or Building (Scotland) Regulations (so far as reasonably practicable).
  • An inspection and report of a specific part of an installation.
  • A random inspection and report which would cover the selection of specific areas of an installation as distinct from the whole installation.
  • An inspection and report on a full or specific part of an installation – non-electrical, e.g. reinstatement and/or workmanship.
  • Confirmation that a contract has progressed to a specific measurement point (e.g. valuations – liquidations).
  • An inspection to confirm compliance with the appropriate British Standard or British Standard Code of Practice.

3. Random Assessment of Members

Members are subject to ongoing periodic technical assessment in accordance with SELECT’s criteria for membership. These assessments will not normally be chargeable but failure on the part of the Member to promptly rectify notified deviations found during inspections will incur charges where further inspections are required. Deviations found during second or subsequent inspections may also incur charges.

SELECT Member firms cannot ordinarily initiate these assessments but can obtain guidance and assistance from SELECT’s Head of Technical Services and can utilise the inspection on request described above.

4. New Membership Application Assessments

All applications for membership of SELECT are subject to the satisfactory outcome of a technical assessment.

Additional information

Who will carry out and supervise inspections?

The Technical Inspection Service is monitored by SELECT’s Electrotechnical Committee and managed on a daily basis by SELECT’s Technical Services Function.

Inspection staff are qualified electrical engineers to whom duties are allocated in line with their experience and expertise. Safety is paramount at all times and other qualified individuals will accompany the inspectors when necessary.

What does the service cost?

  • The cost largely depends on the nature of the service required and the time and expense it takes to provide it.
  • Chargeable rates are as set by SELECT’s Central Board on an annual basis and are subject to change at their discretion. Technical Services can confirm current charges and whether or not they apply to the particular circumstances.
  • Where charges apply they are based on a daily rate applicable from Monday to Friday.
  • Hourly rates will apply for charges of less than one day. The minimum charge is four hours.
  • Additional charges will be made for travel and other expenses.
  • Weekend services can be arranged subject to special charges.

Discretionary Conditions

SELECT reserves the right to withhold the service if it considers action not to be in the best interests of the parties.

The Central Board of SELECT may at any time by resolution revoke or alter any or all of the conditions of the Inspection Service, but such resolution shall not prejudice the claim of a client in respect of work carried out prior to the passing of the resolution.