Sickness Benefit

Member companies participating in one of the holiday schemes can claim sickness benefit for their staff and operatives, below is a table showing the amounts payable for operatives and also the claim form that needs to be completed at the start of any claim and sent in with copies of any sick lines.

Weekly sick pay for operatives:

Weeks Technician Approved Electrician Labourer
Sick Weeks 1 & 2 NIL NIL NIL NIL
Sick Weeks 3 to 24 £180.00 £170.00 £160.00 £150.00
Sick Weeks 25  to 52 £90.00 £85.00 £80.00 £75.00

*Please note that these amounts are payable from 6th January 2014.

DOWNLOAD Operatives Sick Pay Claim Form

Payments for staff sick pay are up to £226 per week depending on salary, sick pay is payable for 18 weeks in any 2 year period. Below is the claim form for claiming sickness benefit. It should be completed and returned with copies of any sick lines.

DOWNLOAD Staff Sick Pay Claim Form

Death in Service Benefit

Another of the benefits offered to members participating in the holiday schemes is death in service benefit and also offered is a death in service due to an accident on site, below details the amounts payable for both staff members and operatives.

Death In Service for any cause:

Staff members – £30,000 payable to the employees beneficiary

Operatives – £30,000 payable to the employees beneficiary

Apprentices – £10,000 payable to the employees beneficiary

Total Accidental Death Benefit on Site:

Operatives – £85,000 (£55,000 + £30,000)

Apprentices – £35,000(£25,000+£10,000)

Making a claim

To make a claim for any death in service we require an original death certificate to be sent along with a letter from the member firm detailing, when the person started with the company, the last date worked, details of the employees beneficiary so we know who the payment should be paid to, this should all be sent to the Benefits Adviser, Michelle Courtney (