SELECT plays its part as AIE becomes EuropeOn

EuropeOn logo

After 65 years as AIE, the European Electrical Contractors’ Association has changed its name to EuropeOn, with SELECT playing its part in the transformation.

The association has unveiled a new identity to reflect the electrical sector’s vital contribution to virtually all areas of European economy and society.

And taking pride of place on its new-look website is an engaging animation which SELECT helped to create by providing concept advice and script guidance.

The animation (below) shows a contractor walking through different environments, bringing them to life to represent the electrical expertise that exists across the many domestic and commercial sectors in Europe.


Formed in 1954, EuropeOn is the European voice of the electrical contracting industry, representing 1.8 million professionals in over 300,000 businesses and with a combined turnover of more than £171 billion. Addressing energy, mobility, climate and skills policies, it is engaged at EU level to foster synergies between the electrical contracting sector and European policymakers.

As part of its new identity, EuropeOn has released its first political communications campaign on skills in the electro-technical sector, entitled #Skills4Climate. The initiative, endorsed by 10 European electrical and construction organisations, calls on policy makers to support the strengthening of the skill base in the sector, enabling companies to swiftly roll out the clean energy technologies needed to achieve carbon neutrality.

Gérard Constantin, EuropeOn President, said: “Whether it is the energy transition or the digital transformation, our society is evolving quickly, and electrical contracting businesses are keeping up with the pace.

“Their work is at the nexus of digitalisation and decarbonisation, putting them at the centre of current regulatory plans for the future of Europe. Electrical contractors are taking on new responsibilities as our fossil way of life is called into question and as we lay the groundwork for a sustainable and carbon-free future for Europe. We decided to rebrand our association to match this new brand of electro-technical professionals.”

Giorgia Concas, EuropeOn Secretary General, added: “Electrification hinges on the availability of skilled electrical contractors, and the needed skills are continuously evolving. Climate and energy plans need to take the number and level of skill of the professionals involved in decarbonisation efforts into account if current targets are to be met.

“We therefore call on policy-makers, at EU and national level, to intertwine skills and climate policies, to foster public-private partnerships in setting up education programmes, and to incentivize technical education, re- and up- skilling, and apprenticeships.”

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