Energy Storage Systems Course (415)

SELECT are delighted to announce a partnership with West College Scotland to deliver a new one-day training course on Energy Storage Systems.

This course will introduce candidates to energy storage systems, which can be designed to be installed in domestic and commercial installation.  These systems are designed to store energy from micro-renewable sources as well as off-peak electrical supplies.  This stored energy can then be used at an alternative time or for backup purposes.

The course will include the basics of solar PV design, an insight into basic energy system design including the uses of such systems and the key criteria looked at during the process, the operation of these systems and the different types of systems and the energy outputs of these.


Candidates will also be able to interact with a working solar PV system, which should help reinforce the content delivered on the course.

A short, open book multiple-choice question paper will be completed at the end of the day’s course content.



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