SELECT takes strong message on regulation to Scottish Government minister

SELECT and representatives of Unite the union recently met with Keith Brown, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work to discuss the issue of rogue electricians and the continuing threat that they pose to public safety. At the meeting, Mr. Brown agreed to explore what might be able to be done in relation to protecting the title of electrician and empowering consumers when they make decisions around the provision of electrical works in their homes.

SELECT has been at the forefront of a campaign to pursue official recognition of electricians as professional people and to help stamp out the ongoing problem of untrained individuals posing as qualified tradesmen.

We emphasized the length and quality of training that electricians undertake and the benefits of regulation. We also called on the Scottish Government to create a new offence of working while unqualified to do so.

Newell McGuinness, said: “We have worked constructively with Government officials over many months, assembling evidence and producing a detailed evidence report. We have also canvassed opinion and met with universal support.

“With Unite, we have pointed out that regulation will stimulate the apprenticeships upon which we set so much-store and there is already in place a respected long established self-regulatory structure which can be built upon when protection of title is achieved.”

Newell also re-enforced this message in an interview which was aired on John Beattie’s BBC Radio Scotland show, on 27th of July. Click here  to listen to the interview (Forward to 36 minutes into the programme).

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