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Review of Building Standards

The Scottish Government has set up a Review Panel on Building Standards (Compliance and Enforcement) in Scotland, following the Independent Inquiry into the Construction of Edinburgh Schools (February 2017) (Cole Report) and the tragic events at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017. The Panel is reviewing the building standards system in Scotland in relation to … Continued


On 18 April 2016 contracting authorities in Scotland with large annual procurement budgets became statutorily bound to declare (in their procurement strategies) how they intended to ensure 30 day payments along their supply chains. In the first of its kind the Specialist Engineering Contractors’ (SEC) Group Scotland has surveyed contracting authorities (other than local authorities) … Continued

Major Drive to Overhaul Payment Practices in Scottish Public Sector Construction

Representatives from over half of the councils in Scotland recently attended a seminar in Stirling to hear how they can overhaul payment practices in construction procurement.  There is a statutory obligation on all public bodies in Scotland with large construction spends to ensure that supply chain firms are paid within 30 days. On behalf of … Continued

SELECT appoints Kevin Griffin as president

SELECT has a new president. It has appointed Kevin Griffin, who has been influential in SELECT activity in the Lanarkshire area for many years. Kevin, who took up his post this week (Wed, June 7), succeeded Eric Rae of Turriff and will serve as president for a two-year term. The new president runs Logic Systems Fire & … Continued

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requirements for electrical cabling

The Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) has developed an online video campaign to highlight Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requirements and how they affect cabling. You can view the video by clicking here.   The ACI reports examples of sub-standard cable and failures in UK market surveillance. Using existing legislation, it works with the Health & Safety … Continued

SELECT launches media campaign to press for regulation

SELECT is launching a widespread media campaign to highlight the dangers of using unqualified people to carry out electrical work and to press for official recognition of electricians as a profession. SELECT is using major Scottish regional newspapers, radio stations across the country and a selection of railway station posters to disseminate the message that … Continued